• Posted 04/09/2019 3:00am

Workplace Winter Wellness

What are you doing to stay well this winter?

Christchurch weather is so unpredictable. Just as you think we’re nearly through into Spring, we get some of the wildest, coldest weather of the year. The rapid temperature swings can lull us into a false sense of security when it comes to how many layers we’re wearing, or whether we’re prepared for the conditions, which isn’t great for our immune system.

Work Doesn’t Stop When You’re Sick

If you get sick, work doesn’t stop, does it? Life, and everything about it carries on. When you’re not at work, your workmates have to carry on without you, perhaps picking up extra tasks as well as doing their own job.

Plus, you walk back into the office dreading checking your emails because there will be a massive stack to clear before you can get back on with business as usual.

The worst part is when people who are clearly too sick to be at work come into work anyway. Of course, by not taking the rest and recovery time they need, they’re stretching themselves even thinner and slowing down their healing time. Plus, they’re spreading their germs through the office, making more people fall sick and stay home.

Winter Wellness Packs

Our Stay Well Pharmacy Winter Wellness packs were shown to reduce the number of sick days people in Christchurch took by between 50% and 92%. That’s a dramatic decrease!

What are our Winter Wellness Packs? They’re a mix of essential vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system and help prevent you from falling sick in the first place. Much more effective than reaching for the cold and flu medicine after you’re already feeling unwell.

At Stay Well Pharmacy, we also package up each daily dose, so staying well has never been easier.

Employee Wellbeing

Christchurch Employers, take note. Winter Wellness Packs can come under employee wellbeing measures and are tax deductible. What would you rather do? Spend $1 per day for each employee to have them healthier, not spreading germs around the office and taking less time off? Or staying with the same old, same old and trying to pull the team together with the few people who are still well enough to come in?

If you’d rather stay well, not fall behind, and save those sick days for when you really need them, come into Stay Well Pharmacy for your Winter Wellness Pack.

We’ve still got some wintery weather to go through, and when it comes to boosting your immune system, better late than never!

Want to know more about staying well and not using so many precious sick days? Come and see the expert team at Christchurch’s Stay Well Pharmacy, helping you live well and stay well.

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