Compression stockings and travel socks

Stay Well Pharmacy have fully-trained and experienced staff available to fit your compression stockings and travel socks. It's best to see us first thing in the morning - please phone (03) 349 8785 to make an appointment.

If you would like to order your compression hosiery via phone, we can send them out to you. Just view the video guide below which shows you how to get the measurements we need to give you the correct item.

Naturopathic advice

At Stay Well Pharmacy we are passionate about helping people to achieve their health goals. Stay Well founder, Mark, is a naturopathic pharmacist of many years' experience. Along with your prescriptions, Mark is available to dispense holistic health advice to maximise your wellbeing.


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Emergency Contraception

Also commonly known as the 'Morning After Pill.' Stay Well Pharmacy's pharmacists are trained to provide the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) following a brief consultation with you. 
One tablet is all you need. The ECP is best taken within the first 24 hours, but is still effective up to 72 hours after intercourse. Call us to make an appointment, or simply drop in and see us.
For more information on Emergency Contraception and how it works, please click here.
Please note there is a fee for this service.

Hemaview Live Blood Screening- This service is currently unavailable

Hemaview is a simple but exciting window on your body's inner health. With just one to two drops of blood, Mark can investigate your red blood cells live on-screen. Hemaview can provide valuable insights helping you to better understand your health, including:

  • Signs of inflammation or the presence of infection
  • Immune function, based on the size and activity of white cells
  • Signs of potential food intolerance
  • Free radical damage (oxidation), liver stress and toxicity
  • Signs of dehydration
  • and much more...

Even better, future Hemaview tests can show you the positive benefits of any lifestyle changes you may adopt. Measurable signs of improvement at the cellular level can help motivate you to keep up the great work!

Drop into the Pharmacy or contact us today for more information on Hemaview Live Blood Screening.

Medico Packs

Are you taking more than one medication? Multiple prescriptions can make managing your medicines tricky. Tailor-made Medico Packs offer welcome peace of mind.

When you opt for a Medico Pack, your medications are packaged in convenient daily dosages by Stay Well Pharmacy's specialist team. You can tear off the day's strip and carry it with you - no more bulky bottles! It's easy to see if you've missed a dose, too.

Save time and worry - bring your prescriptions to Stay Well Pharmacy to have them made up in weekly or monthly Medico Packs.

Blood pressure checks

Need to check your blood pressure in between doctor's visits? Or without the inconvenient wait at your GP's surgery? 

Stay Well Pharmacy staff are trained to accurately check and record your blood pressure. Just $5 per check, and no appointment necessary - simply drop in and see us at your convenience,  27 Shands Rd,  Hornby, Christchurch.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy/Quit Card

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Stay Well Pharmacy is here to help you on your quitting journey. Our highly trained consultants are available to advise you, and as Quit Card providers and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) suppliers we can prescribe nicotine patches, lozenges and gum to support you in breaking free of the smoking habit. We know that quitting can be a stressful process - if you feel in need of some additional help, our naturopathic pharmacist can offer guidance on nutritional and/or supplemental support to smooth the way.

No appointment necessary - please drop in and see us at Stay Well Pharmacy in Hornby Christchurch today.

Ear Piercing

Stay Well Pharmacy specialises in no-touch ear piercing. Compared to the traditional 'piercing gun' this cassette-based system is safe, sterile and hygienic. No part of the piercing apparatus comes into contact with the ear, eliminating cross-contamination. 

We're able to pierce both ears at the same time. Piercing two ears at once is quick, easy, and often a great comfort to nervous kids! We're happy to pierce children's ears, usually from age 5 and upward. We ONLY pierce ears - no other parts of the body.  

Stay Well Pharmacy use only the best materials including a stylish range of sterile piercing earrings. The collection includes birthstones, simple shapes and even novelty studs featuring daisies, smiley faces and more! There's something for everyone here; we also stock a lovely collection of quality earrings for sensitive ears, which are perfect gifts for someone with newly-healed pierced ears.

No appointment is usually needed, but phone us to avoid busy times

contact us for ear piercing information.

Control your Acne

Stay Well Pharmacy is delighted to offer a revolutionary skin care treatment using the successful SkinB5 program.It will boost your overall sense of wellbeing as your skin clears from the inside and help you stay acne free and feeling great. If you're ready to make a change and live well to stay well, contact Stay Well Pharmacy today for more information on SkinB5. 


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Blood glucose monitor servicing

Stay Well Pharmacy understand the importance of accurate blood glucose monitoring and offer FREE battery replacement for CareSens II and CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitors.

If your monitor is giving you any trouble or you need advice on managing your blood glucose better, come in to our pharmacy or enquire today for blood glucose monitor servicing advice.

Southern Cross Easy-Claim

Stay Well Pharmacy are proud to offer Easy-Claim for Southern Cross Health Society members. No more keeping receipts, posting them away and waiting on your refund - it's all done seconds after we enter your prescription. We only need to load your card once, then job done! All you pay is the contribution you are responsible for, if applicable.

Clozapine dispensing and monitoring

Effective and safe Clozaril (clozapine) therapy depends on careful monitoring and dispensing. Stay Well Pharmacy offers a clozapine monitoring service for your safety and wellbeing. If you would like to have your clozapine dispensed through Stay Well Pharmacy, please let your doctor know.

Please note: Stay Well Pharmacy does not operate a methadone dispensary or needle exchange. The closest pharmacy offering these services is Radius Pharmacy at Church Corner.


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