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Winter Wellness in Christchurch

Do you know about our Winter Wellness Stay Well packs?

We’ve been preparing these packs for local businesses and families who want to stay well and reduce the number of sick days they take each year for a few years now.

Our packs contain three different supplements to boost your immune system, helping your body fight off those winter colds and flu.

Fewer Sick Days

We followed up with the business owners and family members who have relied on our Winter Wellness packs, and asked them if they had noticed a difference in the number of sick days they’ve had to take. Everyone saw a difference, with people across the board staying healthier and taking fewer sick days. After compiling the data, people taking our Stay Well Winter Wellness took 58 to 92 per cent less time off work. That’s a massive difference!

Our Winter Wellness packs are like a form of health insurance. In fact, some business owners provide them to their staff in the lead up to winter, and right through the colder months. Why?

Work doesn’t stop just because you’re sick. Taking time off means everyone else has to try and manage their workload as well as yours to keep things moving. More often than not, you may feel the pressure to return before you’re fully better to try and cope with the backlog, which could mean you stay sicker for longer as well as spreading your germs among your work colleagues. That’s not a good situation for anyone.

Stay Well Through Winter

What’s the alternative? Healthier people are generally happier. Happier people tend to be more productive, and more capable of getting on with the job. When our Winter Wellness packs work out to around $1 a day, can you really afford not to be taking them?

How many people do you work with who got quite unwell over winter? Who do you know around Christchurch who want to reduce their number of sick days? Are you self-employed or a Christchurch small business owner and getting sick just isn’t an option for you?

If you’d prefer staying healthy instead of falling ill this winter, contact us or come in to Stay Well Pharmacy and ask about our Winter Wellness packs. We’re here to help boost your immune system against those winter colds and flu so you live well and stay well.

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02 Apr

Ear Piercing at Stay Well Pharmacy

At Stay Well Pharmacy, we’re well known for helping people live well and stay well. All around the walls you can see vitamins, supplements and over the counter medication designed to help you look and feel better. So did you know we also pierce ears?

02 Apr

Winter Wellness in Christchurch

Do you know about our Winter Wellness Stay Well packs?

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