• Posted 06/06/2019 2:57am

Kaloba Is Effective

If you catch a cold or the flu in Christchurch this winter, you want to know that the medicine you take will be effective and work quickly. None of us can afford to stay sick for long.

Would you rather miss out on life as you furiously chew Vitamin C tablets, drink water, and take paracetamol? Or would you rather take a new, family family cold and flu remedy proven to help you kick your cold more quickly? 

Kaloba Works Fast

In clinical trials, after five days Kaloba was shown to get people back to work 84% faster, compared to those taking a placebo. Those taking Kaloba spent less time feeling sick and the duration of their cold or flu lasted two days shorter on average.

What would you do with two extra days up your sleeve? Two extra sick days in the bank for when you’re seriously unwell? Two extra days of feeling happy, healthy and more productive.

Benefits of Kaloba

Kaloba is an easy-to-swallow concentrated formula designed to strengthen your body’s defences and fight winter colds, flu and ailments. Kaloba soothes the throat, nose and sinuses to keep your airways free, and help you to start feeling better again.

For many of us, those feelings of having a blocked nose and itchy throat get much worse at night when we’re trying to sleep. The moment our head hits the pillow, breathing becomes so much harder and coughing intensifies, meaning both you and your partner suffer from a lack of sleep. Kaloba is a natural decongestant and cough suppressant, clearing all of your airways so you can breathe easy all day and night.

Kaloba Is Safe For Everyone

There’s a lot of concern worldwide about the over use of antibiotics for minor illnesses, or the safety of pharmaceutical products for children. Kaloba is a natural, herbal remedy and family friendly, so it can be taken by infants, children and adults.

The best defence against winter colds and flu in Christchurch is proactively boosting your immune system. However, if you start feeling those sniffly, scratchy symptoms coming on, Kaloba can give your body that added edge to keep you firing on all cylinders.

If you want to bounce back faster and spend less time feeling sick, you need more than a decongestant, paracetamol and Vitamin C. Ask the team at Stay Well Pharmacy about Kaloba to get you back on your feet, faster.

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