Why is nutrition important to your health?

Have you ever heard that old expression, 'you are what you eat'? We say it for a reason: good nutrition and good health go hand in hand, so how you fuel your body has a big effect on how you feel.

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Good nutrition is important for everyone, from every walk of life. The modern world and the environment we live in place a significant burden on our systems, so it's important that we fuel our bodies well in order to cope. If you experience health challenges or your lifestyle places unusual demands on your body, your diet becomes an especially powerful tool to fight back and maximise your wellbeing.

As part of our commitment to your health and wellness, Stay Well Pharmacy welcome your nutrition questions and are happy to offer guidance. Whether you seek to lose weight or simply feel great, we can help - contact us today!

Holistic nutrition for healthy mind, body and soul

Holistic nutrition is a natural approach that balances all aspects of a person - physical, mental and emotional - to bring about a state of wellbeing.

The four main principles of healthy eating are simple:

A balanced healthy diet provides your body with the energy needed to function well, and the nutrients required to build, repair and renew bone, muscle, fat and blood. The best sources of energy and nutrients are real, natural, fresh and varied, rather than packaged and processed. The 'right foods' include a variety of plant foods, whole grains, fish, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Good nutrition isn't about fad diets, it's about eating well every day.

Special circumstances call for specialist nutrition advice. Excellent prenatal nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Teens, athletes and those recovering from illness and injury will also benefit from nutritional guidance to maximise growth, performance and recovery.

Good food is good medicine

Here's just some of the benefits of a nutritionally sound diet:

In addition, it's been demonstrated that many chronic illnesses and health conditions can be managed, prevented or improved through diet. These include:

Even if you don't struggle with any of the above conditions, you might have other niggling issues that can benefit from nutritional support. Fatigue? Skin complaints? Stress or low mood? You may be suffering from a food intolerance or dietary imbalance and benefit from a 'food prescription'. For personalised advice, talk to the team at Stay Well Pharmacy - drop in or contact us today.