• Posted 06/05/2020 8:11pm

Is your immune system ready?

With the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown over, a whole lot of people are preparing to go back to work. We’ve been looking forward to expanding our ‘bubbles’ for a while. Whether it’s been returning to work, visiting a close family member, or heading out to pick up those long-awaited takeaways!

As we’ve spent weeks and weeks in our ‘bubble,’ lots of things have been growing. Our hair has been growing, and many men are now sporting ‘lockdown beards.’ With the wetter Autumn weather, the grass has been growing, and plants in the garden have been doing well too. For some of us, our waistlines have been growing as we’ve spent more time closer to the pantry with fewer opportunities to get out and get active.

How is your immune system?

One thing that hasn’t been growing, and may actually have been shrinking while we’ve been in lockdown is our immunity. We need to be mindful that we’re about to get back into contact with people, and even though we may be using masks and gloves for the time being, our immune system may have lost some of it’s tolerance because it hasn’t been working as hard lately.

Think about a boxer training for the big heavyweight title. Before they step into the ring to compete for the championship, they have a series of little bouts and sparring partners as they prepare themselves for the big event. It wouldn’t be much of a contest to watch one fighter who had taken a month off before getting into the ring to battle it out.

Spoiler alert; this pretty much describes the first part of the Sylvester Stallone cult movie classic Rocky III. Where as the reigning heavyweight champion who hasn’t faced a serious contender in a while, Rocky doesn’t take his training seriously against the younger and more serious “Clubber” Lang (played my Mr. T). As a result, the match ends with Rocky knocked out on the canvas in the second round.

Boosting your immune system

Back to COVID-19 and the current situation. As you’re going to be expanding your bubble, how are you planning on ‘training’ and resourcing your immune system?

  • Start with an early night and a decent sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Are you taking Vitamins C, D and Zinc?

Vitamin C has been proven to help people dealing with stress, and let’s face it, we’ve all been a bit stressed lately. Vitamin C can reduce the risk of contracting a viral infection and can shorten the amount of time we stay sick, in stressed individuals.

Remember, we’re not just worried about COVID-19? We’re heading into winter which means there is a range of illnesses waiting for us, like strep throat, skin infection, the common cold and the flu. We need to be mindful of these illnesses and make sure our immune system is fighting fit to handle whatever comes our way.

Stay Well can strengthen your immunity

If you feel there is more you can do to prepare your body, mind and immunity to go back to work or out into the world, that’s where we come in at Stay Well Pharmacy. We can help protect you and your family and reduce your chances of getting sick this winter.

Don’t leave your bubble unresourced. Make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients your immune system needs, so it’s prepared to ‘step into the ring’ once we start coming into closer contact with more people again.

Don’t wait to get sick before taking action to strengthen your immunity. To make sure you’re living well and staying well, contact the team at Stay Well Pharmacy. We can answer your questions over the phone, and even deliver supplements to your home.

Make sure your immunity isn’t knocked out in the second round. Contact Stay Well Pharmacy today.

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