• Posted 04/02/2019 3:23am

Why Should I Supplement?

Lots of people say, ‘I’m alright,’ or ‘All you need is a good diet,’ but there’s a bit more to staying healthy than that. Our bodies are designed to cope. So if you’re feeling alright, your body is doing the best it can, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing the best it could.

Supplements and Our Lifestyles

Our diets and the way we eat has changed so much over the last ten to twenty years. Most families no longer eat a home cooked meal sitting around the dining table every night. Instead, a lot of us are eating on our laps the result of an instant meal or takeaways. And when we do eat a home cooked meal, many of the ingredients are out of a tin or a packet.

Our lifestyles have also changed drastically. We live busier lives. People want things done and delivered as soon as possible, which increases the stress we feel today compared to twenty years ago. We’re spending less time winding down and mentally switching off, and more time with our eyes looking at a bright screen that keeps our brains stimulated.

All of these factors contribute to causing inflammation, and inflammation is at the root of all diseases. Supplements play a part in reducing inflammation, giving our bodies more of the nutrients they need to thrive.

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Which Supplements Do We Need?

So if we realise we’re not getting everything from our diet and accept we need some supplementation, the next question is, what supplements should we be taking? That’s where we come in. At Stay Well Pharmacy, we can put together an individualized supplement plan for you to help you feel well and get the most out of life.

A lot of people want a rubber stamp approach or think that any supplements will do. You simply can’t take that approach to holistic healthcare. The truth is our age, lifestyle, diet, and other medications all have an impact on our health. Many prescription medications have an impact on the way we digest food and absorb nutrients, meaning a personalised approach is key to stop you from losing vitamins and nutrients over time.

How Much of a Supplement Do We Need?

Finding the right supplement plan is much more than being told, ‘You need some magnesium and vitamin C.’ You also need to find the right form and right dose to make sure your body is getting the supplements right amounts to help you stay well.

You may have seen our discussions around elemental minerals, or what difference the salts in your minerals and supplements can make. There can be a massive difference between two bottles or brands of the same supplement. One may give you the dose you need, while the other makes it difficult for your body to absorb.

With all this in mind, you may think putting together a supplement plan is complicated. At Stay Well Pharmacy, we make it simple. Come to our Christchurch pharmacy for a chat with our team, and we can create a supplement plan that proactively protects your health. Why wait until you feel sick before doing something about it?

For a personalised supplement plan, contact the team at Stay Well Pharmacy, helping you live well and stay well.

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