• Posted 12/03/2018 2:09am

Stay Well This Winter

Does anyone like feeling sick? Sometimes your nose runs like a never-ending tap, or you wonder whether it will ever be unblocked again. Your brain feels like it's wrapped in cotton wool, making the simplest decisions seem far more complicated than they actually are.

As winter sets in around Christchurch, it may seem inevitable that eventually you’ll come down with cold and flu symptoms. So how can you stay well this winter?

A Proactive Pharmacy

Most people wait for their sniffles and scratchy throat to start before stocking up on cough drops, hot lemon drinks, and a whole range of expensive cold and flu medication like it’s going out of fashion.

Instead of waiting to feel your cold coming on before taking action, did you know you can proactively take steps to stop you feeling sick in the first place?

​“Many people get a flu vaccination, in the hope it will improve their immunity to the influenza virus. But in winter there are so many other viral and bacterial infections that seem to bring people down,” says Mark Webster.

What kinds of pressures does getting sick on you, your household or your business? Because we like to soldier on when we feel unwell, often we can end up spreading illness and infection to everyone in your home or at work. When one person goes down, it can put pressures on everyone else.

“When that person is finally fit and healthy again, they have to catch up on everything that wasn’t done during the time they were unwell. It doesn’t matter if it’s an employee in your business, or a parent looking after children, one person falling sick impacts everyone,” says Mark.

So, would you rather wait until you get sick before taking action, or do your best to not catch a cold in the first place?


Winter Wellness Packs

To help you stay well through the winter months and all year round, our team at Stay Well Pharmacy have put together Winter Wellness Packs; a combination of vitamins and minerals that help your body stay well and fend off sickness.

A number of Christchurch businesses got Winter Wellness packs for their employees last year” says Mark, and everyone saw a reduction in the number of sick days taken. In fact, these businesses reported between 58% and 92% fewer sick days taken as a result.”


Stay Well Pharmacy Hornby Christchurch Mark Webster Winter Wellness Packs Zinc Vitamin C Buccaline Viramax Sanderson

What kind of difference could that reduction in sick days make in your business? Healthier employees are more productive. Plus, everyone else in your workplace isn't asked to cope with the added pressure of covering the backlog that builds up when someone can’t come in, which is better for the whole team.

Winter Wellness packs are just as important for households. Fighting off winter colds and flu before they arrive helps keep family routines on track with minimal disruption. Plus, as a general rule, parenting is hard enough without throwing sick children with extra runny noses coughing and sneezing into the mix.

For just $1 per day, per person, Stay Well Pharmacy can prepare Winter Wellness Packs for your Christchurch home or business. By helping your body fight off illness and infection, you can be more productive, take fewer sick days, and keep going strong! Better still, Stay Well Pharmacy delivers within the Christchurch area so even if you can’t make it to us in Hornby, we can get your Winter Wellness pack to you!


Contact Stay Well Pharmacy

 Do you want to stay on your feet this winter while everyone else fights the effects of cold and flu season? Contact the team at Stay Well Pharmacy on 03 349 8785 and ask about our Winter Wellness packs, to help you live well and stay well.


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