• Posted 08/02/2018 10:01pm

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

Prevention is always better than a cure, but is that the experience you get at most pharmacies?

Think about the last time you went to a pharmacy. You may have gone in because you had a prescription or because you weren’t feeling well. A pharmacist may ask you about your symptoms to recommend the right medication, or other times you might be left to make those decisions on your own. You leave 15 minutes later with your filled prescription, holding your paper bag, and hoping you feel better soon.

What if your pharmacy could be something more? What if your pharmacy was a place you go when you feel great, and you leave with a plan to feel even better? A pharmacy that focused on prevention as well as the cure? That’s our goal at Stay Well Pharmacy.

A Personal Approach

People come to Stay Well Pharmacy from all over Christchurch because they love our personalised, holistic approach to integrated healthcare. What does that mean? It means we look at you as a whole, complete person. Not just someone we can promote the latest fad therapy to.

We’ll talk with you about your wellbeing and everything that involves, like your lifestyle, nutrition, medication, exercise habits and hobbies. This way we can treat the cause of your discomfort, not just your symptoms. 

Enjoy a personalised approach at Stay Well Pharmacy

A Holistic View Of Your Health

Using the Stay Well Pharmacy team’s many years of experience, we’ll create a 360 degree view of your health, pull together the best elements of different proven medical techniques, and recommend a range of options to help you live well and stay well.

“Everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another. By bringing together advice from a patient’s doctor, dietician, physiotherapist, or other health professional, I want to support people in finding a healthier way of living that works for them,” says Mark Webster.

Experienced Healthcare Professionals

Mark’s recommendations are based on over 25 years’ experience as a qualified pharmacist. Last year he completed a five year Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine, and he’s currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Integrated Medicine through George Washington University in America. This is why so many people come to see us from all over Christchurch. From having trouble with weight loss, to feeling bloated, or wanting to proactively fight off illness and infection before cold and flu season arrives.

Quality Healthcare Products

Healthy solutions start with quality choices, so Mark only recommends products, vitamins and minerals that are backed by peer-reviewed, evidence-based research.

A number of people come into Stay Well Pharmacy looking for acne solutions. Most pharmacies will recommend a range of creams or face-washes, but these only assist the skin from the outside without treating the cause of the issue. In more serious cases of acne, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. While treating the underlying issues causing your acne, antibiotics have the unintended, wide-reaching side effects of removing all the good bacteria in your gut.

Research shows that Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid is essential for healthy skin, and a lack of B5 can cause a range of skin problems, including acne.

After a personal, private consultation to learn more about you, we may recommend SkinB5 to help treat your acne. SkinB5 has the moisturisers and cleansing face-wash you would expect from a skin-care range to help clear up your acne from the outside. SkinB5 also works from the inside out by providing tablets that help address the lack of key vitamins and minerals which cause some types of acne.

Try A Personal Consultation

Mark runs a clinic every Tuesday at Stay Well Pharmacy to help you get a 360 degree look at your health. He can design a wellness plan for you in the privacy of their consult rooms. Initial appointments are 60 minutes and additional appointments are typically half an hour.

Mark's training covers a wide range of conditions but he has a special passion for skin condition, gastro-intestinal issues, hormonal complaints or if you’re simply sick and tired of constantly feeling sick or tired. Bookings are essential and a consultation fee will apply.

Contact Stay Well Pharmacy

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Want to find out the difference being proactive about your health and working with a Naturopathic Pharmacist can make? Come and see the team at Stay Well Pharmacy, or call 03 349 8785 to make an appointment to see Mark. We can help you to live well and stay well!

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