• Posted 02/04/2019 11:35pm

Ear Piercing at Stay Well Pharmacy

At Stay Well Pharmacy, we’re well known for helping people live well and stay well. All around the walls you can see vitamins, supplements and over the counter medication designed to help you look and feel better. So did you know we also pierce ears?


In many ways, pharmacies are well known for piercing ears, but not all pharmacies are the same. Here’s how we believe Stay Well Pharmacy stands out.

 No -Touch Ear Piercing Technology

If you have pierced ears, perhaps you remember getting it done in the past? Lining up the needle and the stud with your ear, pushing needle through and placing the stud on? Some children who came in wanting to get both their ears pierced, left after just one.

 At Stay Well Pharmacy, we do things a little differently.

 Our first concern is always for your wellbeing. We do everything we can to reduce the risk of harm when getting your ears pierced, and reduce the later risk of infection. That’s why we use ‘No Touch’ piercing technology.

 First step, we clean the site on your ear where you’d like your piercing to reduce like the likelihood of infection. Next, using a surgical marking pen, we place a dot at the point where you would like your earring to go.

 All our earring studs are sealed in sterile containers. Only after you’ve chosen which ones you like will we open the container and load them into our piercing gun.

 While it may look like a regular ear piercing gun, our ‘No Touch’ technology does not gunshot the earring through your earlobe, but instead places it gently and safely. The tip of the inner capsule slowly comes into contact with the dot marked on your ear, before gently pulling the earring through.

 Everything is sterile, and the only part that comes into contact with your ear is the stud on your earring, which is why we call it ‘No Touch’ ear piercing.

Pierce Two Ears At Once

Best of all, if you’re looking to get two ears pierced, we can pierce both ears at the same time. Just breathe out, count to three, and you’ll have a stud in each ear exactly where you want them.

 Our ear piercing process is more sterile and safer than more traditional methods, and piercing two ears at the same time means less chance of a fuss from younger children who may get upset after just one side being done.

 So if you’re wanting to look good on top of staying well, come in and see us at Stay Well Pharmacy for our sterile, safe, ‘No Touch’ ear piercing.


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