How does SkinB5 work?

Many standard treatments of acne include medicated creams and washes, however this is only assisting the skin from the outside. Most of the time, this type of treatment does not achieve long lasting clear skin because it does not fix possible underlying causes that begin within the body.

Our skin is an outward sign of health

Your skin can tell so much about you – including how stressed you are, how old you are, how tired you are, how hydrated you are and how nourished you are. If you are malnourished or missing key vitamins or minerals your skin can be affected. We have 3 layers in our skin that include the epidermis, the dermis and the basal layer. The skin cells are replaced every few weeks, and for them to form healthily they need to be nourished continuously. If we are low in certain nutrients it can affect the pathways that influence cellular health and many problems can arise, including acne, poor healing and early aging.

Key vitamins & minerals required for healthy skin

Research shows that pantothenic acid, aka Vitamin B5, is vital for healthy skin. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause dermatological problems, particularly including acne. If we don’t get enough pantothenic acid from our diet - or if our body requires a higher amount - then we are likely to have problem with metabolising fats, which will affect the sebum in the skin. Vitamin B5 is also vital in the production of many hormones, so not having enough will also likely result in hormonal imbalances, and many people suffer hormonal acne as a result.

Research also shows us that key minerals like Zinc are extremely important for our skin. Zinc is vital for healing and is involved in almost every pathway of our body, especially our hormones. Our diets can often be lacking in this extremely important mineral due to soil deficiencies. If we are lacking in zinc then we often experience poor wound healing, poor immunity and hormonal imbalances. Similarly, deficiencies in nutrients like Vitamin A and Niacin, aka Vitamin B3, are also shown to be related to skin and hormonal problems.

Treating underlying causes

It is very apparent that if you have an underlying deficiency of key vitamins or minerals that control our skin health & hormones, then treating the skin with creams and washes from the outside will never correct the underlying nutritional requirements. SkinB5 has developed a unique treatment that provides a therapeutic amount of Vitamin B5 and other essential nutrients required to correct deficiencies often seen in those with all types of acne. SkinB5 has combined these nutrients in a tablet form to combat these common imbalances to fight acne from the inside, where it often starts. Through a long process of research, they have also developed a moisture balancing cleanser & moisturiser that also contains Vitamin B5 to help deliver it straight into the skin cells.

Psssst – don’t forget water!

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