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Supporting Blue September

What does it mean to be manly? For years, we’ve been told to be staunch, to bottle things up, to carry on with a ‘She’ll be right’ kind of attitude. But we can’t anymore. It’s literally killing us.

Men come out on top in most of the major health stats. Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks… you name it, and you can almost guarantee it’s killing more men than women. In the last few years, Stay Well Man Mark Webster has even had three of his male clients diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, you read that right. Breast cancer. 

What Can We Do About Cancer?

2018 Supporting Blue September

“There’s a lot we can do to fight diseases like cancer if we pick them up early,” says Mark Webster. “Unfortunately many kiwi blokes don’t like going to see the doctor. Fewer still like the idea of going in for a check up, because once men get to a certain age they know they’ll need a prostate exam. Instead of facing up to it, many men try to put it off.”

Blue September is the Prostate Cancer Association’s annual awareness and fundraising campaign. Every year, 600 kiwi men will die from prostate cancer. With those numbers, the chances are you, or someone close to you around Canterbury has been impacted by prostate cancer.

This year along, around 3,000 kiwis will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. One in eight kiwi men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. Each year, prostate cancer will take the lives of 600 people. Together, we can change these terrible statistics.

“Unfortunately, symptoms of prostate cancer are not always easy apparent in the early stages of the disease, which is why regular check ups are so important,” says Mark. “Early warnings signs like trouble passing water, stopping the flow, or feeling like you urgently need to pee but nothing coming out, can also be caused by other, non-cancerous issues. Many men find they have prostate issues as they get older, so it’s only those regular check-ups that will tell you whether you need urgent medical help.”


 How Can We Support Blue September?

We totally understand that it might be awkward bringing up the subject of doctors visits and prostate checks. They aren’t always natural topics to bring up in conversation. So instead, share a Blue September post on Facebook. Ask a mate if they’ve seen those Blue September ads with Jason Gunn on TV. It might spark a conversation that saves a life.

Take action yourself. When did you last have a check-up? We don’t perform prostate checks at Stay Well Pharmacy, but we can recommend trusted health professionals who can if you’re not sure who to go to.

If you are one of the 3000 kiwi men who receive a prostate cancer diagnosis this year. Come and talk to us. We can recommend vitamins and products to supplement your treatment and support your body’s healing abilities.

Finally, you can support Blue September by making a donation on their website, or visiting us at Stay Well Pharmacy. If you have any questions around treatment, providing support, or simply starting a conversation, we’re here to help.

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