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What's A Naturopathic Pharmacist?

When you hear ‘naturopathic pharmacist’ what do you think of?

We get all kinds of reactions at Stay Well Pharmacy. Lots of people have a vague idea, but to be fair, naturopathic pharmacy is not exactly a mainstream topic of conversation. So, here’s what we actually do at Stay Well Pharmacy.

What’s a Naturopathic Pharmacist?

Think back to the last time you went to a Christchurch pharmacy. You might have gone in because you were feeling sick. Perhaps you had a prescription from your doctor? The pharmacist will fill your prescription, recommend some medication to treat your ailment, and wish you well.

As naturopathic pharmacists, we take a step back and ask, what if we could work with you to help you stay healthy and stay well? Instead of treating the symptoms of what’s making you feel unwell, what if we had a look at the deeper cause?

Mark Webster Natropathic Pharmacist Hornby Christchurch Stay Well Pharmacy2.

Naturopathic pharmacy takes a holistic look at you as a person. We’ll ask you about your diet, your lifestyle and your daily habits to build up a bigger picture of your overall health and what wellbeing looks like for you. From there, we can recommend a personalised healthcare plan that treats the underlying issues, helping you live well and stay well.

Naturopathic Pharmacy At Work

People often come in to Stay Well Pharmacy complaining about digestive problems. They’re sick and tired of feeling bloated, gassy, or having complaints about those associated motions. Other pharmacists have recommended antacids or acid blockers but they’ve had enough of feeling uncomfortable.

In a one-on-one private consultation we’ll listen to you, ask questions, and try to get to the root cause of the problem. Recently, one person came to see Mark at Stay Well Pharmacy with exactly those complaints. Mark suggested eliminating dairy out of their diet, using dairy substitutes and recommended some vitamins to boost their immune system.

Mark Webster Stay Well Pharmacy Naturopathic Pharmacist hornby Christchurch Canterbury sanderson vitamins

In a follow-up consultation, they felt like a completely different person. “They no longer needed to take antacids,” says Mark Webster. “Plus, they no longer felt gassy or bloated most of the day. Turns out they were dairy intolerant (not just lactose intolerant) and had no idea. One small change in their diet had a major impact on their lifestyle.”

Start To Live Well And Stay Well

What’s getting in the way of your wellbeing? Are you regularly falling ill and taking sick days every month? Are you sick and tired of feeling bloated, gassy and generally unwell? Do you have a recurring rash or skin infection you just can’t seem to shake?

Give us a call on 0508 878 2993 and make a time to see our naturopathic pharmacist, Mark Webster at Stay Well Pharmacy. In a private, one-on-one consultation, we can get to the cause of those uncomfortable issues, so you can start to live well and stay well.

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What's A Naturopathic Pharmacist?

When you hear ‘naturopathic pharmacist’ what do you think of?

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