• Posted 06/06/2019 10:04pm

Cheapest is Not Always Best

It’s nice to get something for a good price, and we understand the household budget can only stretch so far. That’s why ads for the cheapest pharmacy in town may be tempting.

Some pharmacists in Christchurch are advertising that they have the cheapest vitamins and supplements, the cheapest prescriptions, or that you’ll save with bargain basement prices.

It’s worth asking two questions about a price race to the bottom. Is this the best thing for a pharmacy to be known for, and is this the best reason for you to choose them for your family’s health needs?

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The Deal With Pharmacy Pricing

Let’s look at cheaper prescriptions. The $5 you pay for a prescription is a charge set by the government. Your local Christchurch pharmacy makes no money on that. If a pharmacy chooses to charge you $2.50 for that prescription, the government still charges that pharmacy $5, so they’re losing money each time someone comes in.

Some larger pharmacies may be able to cover their costs by selling other products, but your local community pharmacy may not be able to compete with that. By filling your prescription, your pharmacist is double checking the dose and instructions are right for you, that the medication won’t react with anything else you may be prescribed, as well as updating and maintaining your medical record. We’re here to make sure you get the best results from your prescription and reduce the chances of developing side effects.

What About Vitamins and Supplements?

Of course, you can shop around until you find the cheapest vitamins and supplements on the market, but what effect will that have on your health?

What would happen if you shopped around for the cheapest food available, without understanding portion sizes or what healthy eating looks like? Sure, you’ll get some nutrition because you’re eating something, but are you doing what’s best for your health in the long run by not knowing what’s in your food or what your body needs.

The same goes for vitamins and supplements. You can go online for bargain basement prices, but will you also get an experienced pharmacist, who is one of the most qualified people in the area of nutrition and integrative medicine, that can recommend what’s best for you? When considering supplements, you need a health professional who will listen to you, and recommend a personalised plan to help you feel healthy and well. All of us are different, so what works wonders for your neighbour could be of no benefit to your wellness.

Quality Healthcare Advice

Plus, not all vitamins and minerals are equal. If you’re looking at three different containers of magnesium tablets, the price will vary depending on the salts and quantities of elemental magnesium. They determine how much magnesium your body will absorb and benefit from. The cheaper the tablet, there’s a good chance the quality of supplement you’re taking is lower too. If it’s not shown to be effective, Stay Well Pharmacy refuse to stock it. If a brand doesn’t behind all it’s therapeutic claims, we simply don’t put it on the shelf. And we offer a quality guarantee behind the products and services we sell.

At Stay Well Pharmacy you can expect quality healthcare advice from our experienced pharmacists. From prescriptions to advice on vitamins and supplements, or finding a sunscreen for sensitive skin, we care about helping you live well and stay well.

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